Unveiling the Journey

Unveiling the Journey The Emotional Odyssey of Why I Became a Speaker Introduction: Although I had the honor of delivering the speech below just a few days ago, the essence of my journey and the reasons that propelled me to become a speaker linger in my heart, beckoning me to explore and share these profound […]

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Breaking the Silence

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Breaking the Silence Men’s Mental Health and the Stigma of “Man Up” Introduction: In the hushed corners of our collective consciousness, there exists a narrative that has long shrouded men’s mental health in shadows: the ubiquitous exhortation to “man up.” The terms say “Mard Baan” or very popular phrase by a character in an Indian

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Embracing the Fire Within

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Embracing the Fire Within A Deep Dive into the Transformative Journey of Channeling Anger, Featuring My Personal Insights as a Men’s Coach and Copywriting Maestro Introduction: Hello, I’m Saurabh, and I invite you to join me on a profound exploration into the intricate realm of emotions, with a particular focus on anger—the fiery force within

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