About Me

You can’t put me in one basket because I am on a wanderlust – whether I am racing to my cafe or racing in my mind on a Formula 1 track or discovering new digital hacks for clients or wooing my audience through my podcast.

I have always wanted to be an Airforce pilot, but for my ‘sight’ which was compromised. My world came crashing down; my first lesson in failure at a very young age.
After my MBA from SIBM Pune, I landed in Nigeria (working for an Indian company) and much as I worked hard there, a pink slip was waiting for me at home.

Second failure!

Next destination for a job: Nepal. I was hungry and ready for success. This was the turning point and I went from one milestone to another, exceeding targets, setting new precedents in sales and customer delight.

I came back to India and started my own firm as a trader in medical equipment. A complete greenhorn in this sector, we went on to exceed all expectations! We achieved a turnover of INR 5 crore in the second year itself and maintained a positive revenue and profits for the next 5 years.

I truly believe that – ‘’It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.’’ – (Batman Begins)

I am a foodie at heart and have always wanted to have my own café – we recently launched our café called E.T.C. (Eat. Talk. Cherish.) in Pune. I like to travel and am passionate about planes and flying. I collect miniature plane models and have a plan to learn flying in the next 4 years and have my own CPL.

Today, I delight clients through my digital strategies and feel fulfilled as I serve foodies in my own cafe ETC. I am happy that although life has shown me a cart full of lemons, I have made more than plain lemonade out of those lemons! Cocktails anyone?