The birth of ETC ( Eat Talk & Cherish)….

Not every conversation over a cup of coffee used to turn out into a venture or a startup

But now-a-days we hear more of such stories where young minds ideate a startup over a cup of coffee or meeting in any cafe or restaurant.

 A similar story exists behind the name of the new cafe: Cafe ETC i.e. Eat Talk & Cherish where as the name suggests the team works hard to not just provide delicious food but a place where people can connect and spend hours with long discussions ; be it with friends, business acquaintances or even soul mates. They make sure that the experiences people have in this cafe are cherished  in their memory lanes.

Last year a few friends over a cup of coffee came up with the idea of living their dream in the form of this cafe.

We know all ventures do have a rough patch and a struggle to begin with but the passion and persistence of the team assures that the dream becomes a reality.

Cafe ETC founders had a journey of lots of ups and downs including the latest one- the lockdown due to Covid’19.

But the go getter and never give up attitude is what made them reach this stage.

Today Cafe ETC serves local and street food with a touch of innovation in the dishes that provides the customers lip-smacking snack and a never-to-forget taste.

These dishes are well crafted by the Chef with details of every micro ingredient that plays its role to make sure the end product touches the heart of the person who eats it.

Each dish has its own trivia behind it which I shall bring to you with my posts in the future about this cafe.

If this article really mesmerised you about the cafe , then I suggest don’t imagine but witness and enjoy the delicious food by visiting Cafe ETC in Mulund, Mumbai.

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