“Have you heard about Podcasts….?”

So you must be hearing more often about this word “Podcast” these days. Ever wonder what exactly is it and how come it has surfaced so much lately…?!

Well As you are aware I have recently ventured into Digital marketing space and few months back I was trying to figure out my niche in Content creation , marketing and strategy , and I was talking to a few friends and thats when one of my friend asked me- ” Have you heard about Podcasts….?”

I too wondered back then what is this term Podcasting , even though I had heard about it once in this lifetime…( I saw this app in my iphone).

So let me tell you what exactly is Podcasting about.

Podcasting is one concept of creating valuable content online which can reach masses across the globe. Basically Podcasting is publishing and distributing audio files across the internet. There are various platforms that help you create your podcasts and circulate on other platforms online that can be heard or accessed from all devices with internet anywhere in the world. You can even download the podcast and hear it from various devices like your computer, phone, iPod or iPad etc.

Podcasting is not that difficult if thats another question in your mind. Let me help you with it.

If anyone of you wish to start podcast- be it for a hobby or fun or career in it- trust me you just need a few things to keep in your mind.

  1. You can do it with your phone as well with Anchor application and your normal earphones.
  2. There are noise cancelling applications like KRISP or even others which are good free tools to use
  3. You can create various episodes based on your hobbies or even your niche or current profile.

Creating podcast is easy and cheap these days with various softwares and hardwares.

I have recently created my Podcast Channel – #Letsspeakout,

I will be producing more episodes for contents ranging from Digital marketing, Sports and also interviewing industry top names.

Do subscribe to my channel with link below and keep tuned in for more episodes ahead.

I will also be coming up with a blog post and video on how to start podcasting and how to profitise them.

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