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Hi, if you are reading this, something about digital marketing has raised your curiosity to know more. I am having an article too on my blog on certain aspects of digital marketing and how it makes the life of a freelancer, marketer, entrepreneur much easier in terms of business.

But have you wondered how did I come up with this article?

How do I know about digital marketing?

What is digital marketing and why is it so popular these days?

Is there any way we can also learn or understand and utilize this digital marketing for our work or business?

I can understand you are having so many of similar questions in your mind right now

In-fact there must be more like where do I get to learn digital marketing?

There are so many courses, programs and mentors in the market…. which one to choose for?

Where to invest so that I can upskill myself this year and where will I get the right returns on investment?

Suddenly so many questions came to your mind which do create confusion and anxiety. I can totally relate to this as I was in the same position a few months back.

And then I came across Digital Deepak.

Well, who is Digital Deepak……??? Let me give you and introduction to my mentor for Digital marketing.

Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju or Digital Deepak as he is popularly known is the top digital marketer of the country. He is a Digital Marketing consultant and also a very well known TEDx Speaker.

So, you must be wondering that there are so many people into digital marketing and who are consultant and who run their own courses. Everybody is rushing into such courses and since there are so many of them, I am not sure which one to choose as everything seems same.

Let me tell what I did…….

I simply opted for the internship program by Digital Deepak.

See there are many programs in the market which teach you a lot about or various topics in digital marketing. These are online courses where you learn by watching a video or reading articles or examples on any platform or YouTube. It’s more like grasping knowledge or absorbing huge amount of knowledge without knowing what to do about it or how to use it.

Even I stumbled upon such issues as I checked random videos online and was confused how to go ahead. That is when someone suggested me to check out Digital Deepak’s videos and blog and that’s how I came across this internship program as even I wanted to learn and use these concepts of digital marketing in my work.

Since the lockdown, because people were home, many of them thought of upskilling and hence opted for such courses. But unfortunately, not everyone completes the course. People who complete it don’t know who to utilize it for business. There is no one to guide them. Many of them leave the courses halfway.

That’s where Deepak sir’s internship program is unique.

Digital marketing is something in which you not only have to absorb the knowledge but also understand the concepts in order to implement them correctly. As Digital Deepak says you learn by doing.

This internship program makes you learn digital marketing by making you perform various tasks and assignments for the same.

I will tell you exactly how it is done.

Modules and tenure of internship:

So, the internship tenure is for 16 weeks with each week covering one topic as per sequence mentioned below.

  1. Week 1: Success Mindset
  2. Week 2: The Law of Marketing
  3. Week 3: Discovering your Niche
  4. Week 4: Creating your own WordPress Blog
  5. Week 5: Kind of Content
  6. Week 6: Social Media & Networking Mastery
  7. Week 7: Lead generation and email marketing
  8. Week 8: Facebook Ads
  9. Week 9: Google Ads
  10. Week 10: SEO
  11. Week 11: Deep Marketing
  12. Week 12: Copywriting and Sales

In all the above 12 weeks you get to learn deep insights about all these topics in this internship. The examples given are based on real life brand stories so it makes it easy to understand and relate to the concept.  All this is in form of videos which do have lifetime access for anyone who enrolls in the program.

Paid Assignments (Explain the idea of paid internship by investing and ROI):

One of the important things about the internship program is each topic consists of an assignment where we have to perform certain task related to the topic and submit it. As mentioned before best part of this assignment is that is pays back.

It’s human nature that when we pay invest our money, we work hard enough to get the return on investment. The fees for this program are not the charges but investment for those who have enrolled here to learn something new.

Each assignment has a cashback. And this cashback is the incentive that drives many to complete the assignment correctly on time and submit it.

One of key things of the program is even your assignment has any errors or missing some tasks, you get an opportunity to re-work on it within certain extended time a to re-submit the same and earn your cashback.

Experience with 1st paid assignment:

My first assignment was on success mindset. As the name suggests you always need a certain mindset to achieve something. And this class was more about having a success mindset in order to achieve your goal. It actually gave a reality check to me on how I need to change my perception as an entrepreneur and successful person.

Assignments are practical implementation of concepts:

The assignments in this program are to implement and learn how to use digital marketing knowledge in real life for business.

As Deepak sir always says,” Learn by doing”. If you truly need to get into digital marketing for career you need to understand the implementation or practical challenges. Hence assignments are meant so that you can do the tasks and learn about digital marketing.

Many people learn courses online and don’t know how to use it or implement in their business or work. That’s where this internship program will give you an edge.

Out of comfort zone and confidence:

 These assignments are not entirely tough but yes, they are meant to put you out of your comfort zone.

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
Roy T. Bennett

People stay in their comfort zone out of fear. And that’s what separates the one who tries and the one who doesn’t, the one who succeeds and the one who steps back.

I always feared working with online tools. But these assignments and support from pixel track team in the form of Q & A sessions did help me. Performing these assignments gave me a lot of confidence to work with various tools in this field.

Where am I implementing this?

Most important things is how do you take this or where do you implement this outside the program or your assignments. I can say I have aptly established my blog and using various tools for leads for my projects.

Thanks to the program I plan to use digital marketing for freelancing and also mentoring startups to go digital.

Free bonuses:

One of key notable point of this program is Digital Deepak provides you with lots of free bonuses inform of tools and videos that are useful for interns to implement various tasks.

You also get free bonus weeks to choose from for you career options. For example, there are bonus weeks like Freelancing, Mentoring, Consulting, Jobs etc. to choose from where team Digital Deepak will teach and guide you to be successful in respective sector.


Overall, the internship is best option for those who wish to have a successful career in digital marketing viz. freelancers, job seekers, consultants, mentors or even entrepreneurs.

Digital marketing space is a vast ocean and one will get lost if he /she doesn’t have the right guidance or mentor.

Digital Deepak is the right mentor with 10+ years of experience. And this is best program that will let you learn, earn and outgrow yourself.

This internship will make sure you go from amateur to pro-level.

Hence just don’t sit and procrastinate, take action to change your life and career and apply for the internship in the upcoming batch with below link.

Apply for internship

Click here to apply for Digital Deepak’s Internship program.

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