Digital marketing- paving way to a better life

Yesterday was an eye opener for me where I got an overview of Digital Marketing in today’s era. It threw light on basic fundamentals and new concepts of Digital Marketing.

They say, “Knowledge is meant to be shared”. So, why not share my thoughts and insights on the same which will benefit you all and make your life better.

I am sure you all must be having some basic questions in your mind just like I did initially. So let’s begin!

What is Digital Marketing?

Why Digital Marketing?

What’s wrong with my current marketing strategies?

Does Digital Marketing work for all companies?

Will Digital Marketing make my life better?

So, if I am ready to try Digital Marketing……now what?

Here, let me take you through this article and make it easy for you!

With this article you will not only understand but also be able to implement these concepts in your work.  Yes, it’s more simplified and hence this article is more for those who wish to take action and get results.

All working professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, students will find this article useful.

Communication skills

When it comes to marketing, you must have had a thought that if I don’t have good communications skills I cannot be a good marketer.  I mean it’s a common perception that people with flamboyant personalities or people who are talkative are usually good marketers.

You may also think that good communication or sophisticated English can sell any product.

I say, that’s not always the case.

If you have a good product and you can communicate to the audience how the product rightly caters to their needs, then you can sell your product in the right way.

Communication can be in any form- vocal, writeup etc. A written communication is often ignored mainly because it lacks good quality content to attract the attention of the customers.

So the best way to have good written content is to write as you talk. To have a good content just imagine you are talking to someone or the customer and explaining them about the products and actually understanding their needs. One way of doing this is to join the conversation in their minds and enter their thinking pattern.

You can achieve this by writing regularly. Writing slows down your thought process and gives you clarity which helps you to reproduce your thoughts in better manner.

This way communication skills can be improved with regular practice.

Now that we are sorted with this concept of communication skills, let’s move forward to understand what is marketing.


I think many of us have various perceptions about the term Marketing. First of all, SALES IS NOT MARKETING, the most common goof-up.

Sales, Advertising, Branding, Copywriting are all part of Marketing. Marketing as a whole is an umbrella concept.

Marketing begins before the product is identified and made. Marketing is more about science than creativity.

You may have heard people say that good marketing can sell any product. But I tend to disagree on that.

A “Good Product” has the power to sell itself repeatedly. Marketing kickstarts the process and helps build trust for the product in the minds of the customer.

Marketing is sending the right message to the right person at the right time. If you have a good product and right marketing strategy, the product becomes a brand or rather a known name that captures a position in the minds of customer. The brand already establishes itself and generates repeat sales naturally.

For example, the well-known brand “Bisleri”. People don’t even remember its brand name, they consider it as a product name. They started with mineral water and now they have become a verb more than brand. Its like people don’t say,” Bhaiya ek mineral water do.” They say,” Ek Bisleri dena”. Even though here they would end up buying something like Aquafina or Himalaya or something else, they still have that image of Bisleri in their minds.

So, the idea is become a leader in a category or if not be the leader in sub-category. 

Eventually the customers themselves become the brand ambassadors of the product by spreading the goodwill through word of mouth.

Lately, Marketing has evolved with the internet. Initially it was via mediums like television, newspaper, radios etc. but recently even marketing has gone online and become digital.

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

So basically, as you know traditional marketing existed since ages. You must have seen Tv ads, newspaper ads, radio jingles etc. These are basically all part of traditional marketing.

Now traditional marketing has a wider reach considering the fact that it reaches masses through various mediums like television, newspapers in various languages that reach various rural areas, and of course radio channels-local to national- that are heard by every class of the people. In addition, there are hoardings, one more form of traditional marketing having effective reach.

This type of marketing has been used by various FMCG, FMCD companies to reach out customers and influence their buying behavior.

But Traditional Marketing is more for the masses with a common approach.

Comparatively in Digital Marketing you can do deep marketing, personalized communications for everyone and also make sure there are natural sales.

Although Digital Marketing has lesser reach than traditional marketing methods, it can reach the most affluent English-speaking audiences whom you have targeted for your lead conversion.

For example, for a local café which has its own set of target audience, Digital Marketing would be the right choice to generate sales and attract customers.

Hence if you are a digital marketer or any company which is into Digital Marketing, you should know your niche before you have your own campaign.

The right way to approach is the CATT framework which is mentioned in my next segment below.

CATT Marketing Funnel

Wealth = n^CATT

So what is this formula and why is it a framework?

Your ultimate goal is wealth but it can’t be achieved haphazardly or random marketing campaigns. Hence, we have proper framework that will help you achieve success with the right approach.

Here n = Niche: You need to choose a niche where you can address the problem of the segment and provide a solution with your product and service. Your wealth and success totally depends on how you choose your niche.

C = Content: A good quality content is what matters when you wish to attract your target audience from your niche and grab their attention. You can create good content with blogs, vlogs, podcasts, webinars, your lead magnets.

A = Attention: Then you need to drive attention to your content with top rankings via SEO, various social medias, paid advertisements etc.

T= Trust: After this build trust with your niche audience by providing them short trip wire materials, email campaigns, marketing automation etc.

T = Transaction:  Now the leads you generated can be converted into customers by the method natural sales. You need to do regular webinars, communication for the same with your leads.

CATT is a framework how an individual goes through in different stages. CATT is executed with the help of integrated Digital Marketing or you can say Integrated Digital Marketing  is the execution of CATT framework.

Integrated Marketing

The original idea of the term “integrated marketing” was to “blur the lines that separate creative, media, television, radio, and print,” according to Tony Wright, CEO of marketing firm WrightIMC, on Search Engine Journal. “Then along came Digital Marketing.”

Back in my MBA days I remember this was the idea of integrated marketing which comprised of communication tools used to enhance brand values and increase customer influence along with promotional tools.  The Integrated tools used back then comprised of only internet marketing.

But with growing internet, Digital Marketing evolved quicker and faster. And so, did integrated marketing which in-turn became integrated Digital Marketing frame work.

This is the new framework of integrated Digital Marketing by my digital mentor and th top marketer- DigitalDeepak.

Basically, many people use either one of these tools for online marketing and then complain there are no results. But what they fail to understand is that all these tools or platforms are to be used in an integrated manner rather than on a standalone basis. Like if you use email marketing alone it may not generate much sales or even social media alone for that matter alone won’t help much.

This framework is more like a big machine with all these tools as small wheel churning together to run the whole thing as single machine. We can say that this frame work is an implementation of the CATT funnel concept.

Let me explain it to you how it works. What you can do is create a good content for your product or concept because a good quality content is what can get real attention of the masses.

You can run advertising for your free content and attract people in your email database.  That way when people visit your blog or site you can get them to subscribe to your newsletter. You can send them email with new contents every time its updated.

With that you can list your content in search engines by which your content will be ranked and listed at the top. So the traffic will be directed to your blog or content platform eventually.

Similarly, you can use social media ads to boost your content and products by which new people will keep visiting your site or content platform. So, when these people like your content they will share the same on their social media and so on and so forth.

Basically, paid advertising actually boosts all the momentum for all these tools. And this is what we call the turning the wheel of the machine and keeping it in motion.

Now this is an example of CATT concept where we grab the attention of people with our content and build trust with them which eventually convert into transactions which in our case would be sales. And the loop goes on and on.

There are many real examples of companies using Integrated marketing campaigns successfully.

One of the best and successful examples is the one used by Southwest Airlines under the campaign name,”Transferancy”.

They used customer interaction to understand their knowledge of how other airlines charge fees based due to last minute changes along with its comparison with Southwest fees, with sections on how customers can avoid such surprising fees of other airlines with Southwest.

They say it created a huge buzz on Twitter and Facebook which boosted the sales and brand image of Southwest.

But here again Southwest is a company. For those individuals who wish to generate wealth by propogating self, its important for them to work on personal branding. As many times, people remember people faster than any brand. And if the person himself/herself is a brand, then people recollect faster.

Personal Branding: Mass Blueprint

There is one thing quite amazing about humans, is that humans can relate to experiences and emotions of other humans. People listen more to people than brands.

That’s why personal branding is important. And with personal branding, you can be an influencer to your niche audience or even masses.

We are in the age where everything is evolving or adapting. So is the idea of personal branding. Below is framework of Mass Blueprint of my mentor who is top digital marketer- DigitalDeepak.

So, what is Mass Blueprint?

It’s an unending circle where every individual evolves with time. Here is how it goes

Learn: So now you learn a new skill and gain the knowledge. Here it’s important that you understand the skill, remember it and practice it.

Work: After learning, you need to put it into implementation by way of job, freelancing, or your own projects.

Blog: By now, you must have had the knowledge, understanding and experience of working on the skill. So, blog about it and share your knowledge and experience with others

Consult: By this time, you have already built your personal brand by blogging about your experience and hence consult other businesses for work related to your skill or segment

Mentor: Being a strong individual now there must be many who would be looking up to to you and wish to be like you. You can mentor them and shape them up through your path.

Startup: With your understanding of the market, its problem and your skill as a solution, start your own business with your own product or service to address it.

So, I think you must be convinced by now, how Personal branding is integral part of Digital Marketing.


Hope the above article has given you an insight into the world of Digital Marketing which will direct your ideas and replenish your business to new scaling heights.

So just gear up guys start marketing digitally…!!!

Do share your views on the above article in the comments section.

And do check out link for further information on digital marketing: https://heebachaiwala.com/what-wikipedia-cant-tell-you-about-marketing/



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